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Support for West Coast
Support for West Coast

Support for West Coast


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When a supporter of ours reached out this morning about the devastation the West Coast residents are facing - a huge number left without anything at all … I figured although we are small in size and bank balance we are mighty with our heart and purpose.

The URGENT need at this minute in regards to clothing is EVERYTHING. They don’t have underwear, pjs, warm clothes. Plus size is very hard to come by. 

We don’t have an excess of warm stock as we are wiped out week about in our sales …. so I’m heading to the shops.

I’ll be stocking up on underwear, warm items, layers… clothes to show value and kindness to the community who are suffering. 

Obviously to go to a high end store will mean less clothing to pass on…. so we have contacted brands / stores in the hope you may be willing to come on board. 

I will of course go through all our current donations as we will have items we can add. 

The intention is that the first courier load will leave us tomorrow (Wednesday) …. we realise this won’t even touch the sides.


This donation page has been setup for people that would like to contribute financially, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards providing clothing and getting it into the hands of those that need it. 


Let’s do this.


Your kindness will have Everlasting impact. x


Photo from @nzherald

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