Thread NZ - Everlasting Recycling: Supporting Charity Through Secondhand Clothes

Above: what I wore today, volunteering at Everlasting secondhand clothing $5 Friday’s sale, wearing some previous purchases from

The three top things I love about @everlasting_recyclingwithlove are:

1. You can get a bargain
2. You are saving the planet buying secondhand and reusing instead of overconsumption of fast fashion
3. Your money goes towards women’s charities instead of the pockets of multinationals.

For so many reasons it’s a wonderful place to shop. See you there Fridays 10-2pm or you can shop their auctions and sales online.

Above: My top picks are on this rack from the hundreds of amazing secondhand clothes at the $5 Friday sale, so please drop by with donations or to shop every Friday in person or online via their website

Here I wear a few garments that were just $5. Score yourself a fashion bargain, with the knowledge that all the proceeds go to support women’s charities.


In person, at Everlasting shop on Fridays at 10-2pm at 849 New North Road, Mt Albert Auckland, down the driveway next to Taco Loco. Park on the roadside for free, not outside the shop as it’s towaway parking.

Pop-Up Sales – evening events ideal for those who can’t come during the day or on Fridays.

On Instagram with Fixed Price Fridays where every piece is $25, and on auctions where the items go to the highest bidder.

On their website


Drop clothes off in person to the shop on Fridays or to the store above, ‘Good Thing’ at 849 New North Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland as this is a drop off point during their store hours.

Freepost your donations in. All NZ Post branches are drop off points for secure bags and boxes. All you need to do is affix the label on this page to each box/bag and NZPost will kindly send it for free.  


Below are some of my own outfit photos featuring clothes I have previously bought from Everlasting.

By Megan Robinson
Instore photos by Anna Paterson
6 March 2021

Everlasting Clothing New Zealand Trust is registered under the Charities Act 2005 CC60813

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